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ENFLEURAGE - frankincense

ENFLEURAGE - frankincense

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Did you know that frankincense - depending on variety - contains just 2%-7% volatile oil? That means at least 93% of amazingness is left behind after extracting the essential essential oil, in particular boswellic acid, which is too large to move through steam distillation. There is not a drop of boswellic acid in essential oil and this acid is arguably the best part. Look it up - right now!

There is so much goodness in the resin but it can only be drawn out with oil and time. (Actually it can happen quickly with harsh solvents but you know that is not how we do things at OOliva.)

Oil and time.

Enfleurage is a process that captures the chemical constituents found in plant material with solid fat. In this case, frankincense resin is packed in coconut oil and just a pinch of beeswax or sunflower oil (yes - we have TWO versions!) until it is fully spent. This time honored process is repeated over and over until the oil is fully saturated.

This may be used sparingly at full concentration but will remain wonderfully fragrant when diluted. I love to add a tiny pearl to one of our luxe body butters after a shower or for a massage. Store in a cool dry area under 68°F; away from direct sunlight.

Ingredients: frankincense resin extract*, and sunflower seed oil*+. * certified organic, + non-GMO project verified

.5 oz | 14 g ℮

Store in a cool dry area; away from direct sunlight.


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