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OOliva is all about a luxurious experience. You should feel spoiled by each product you choose. That is, in part, the tactile quality of these formulations. The evidence that your skin is well loved. Though so much of what makes OOliva luxurious cannot be seen or felt. It is in the truly clean ingredients. Truly clean? What does that mean? Raw materials come from somewhere. People generate these things.  Ingredients have ingredients. Baking soda isn't just baking soda. It was taken from the earth in a particular way using particular things. Many so-called "natural" ingredients are extracted with solvents or harsh chemicals and distributed without any mention of this fact. Additives, fragrances and preservatives are created in laboratories each day with names that sound as if they were plucked directly from an organic farm. These ingredients end up in a variety of products that are littered with terms like "all-natural" and "organic". This branding is not at all regulated in the skincare industry. As a consumer I found this maddening and ultimately I became a maker.

Through exhaustive research I source non-toxic, additive, preservative and solvent free, ethically sourced, non-GMO and organic raw materials to ensure the quality of the finished product. There are no fillers of any kind. Our beeswax comes from happy and healthy bees that live in hives that are free of harsh chemicals. Animals are never EVER used in product testing. The packaging is largely sourced in the USA and is always recyclable, reusable and / or compostable. There are absolutely ZERO synthetic dyes or fragrances in any product. Speaking of fragrance, let's talk about essential oils. I am going to embrace the controversy and state plainly that there is NO SUCH THING as "therapeutic grade". This terminology was invented to serve a marketing agenda. While we are at it there is no such thing as "anti-aging" either...but I digress. Essential oils are included for their specific properties not simply because of their scent. They are used in quantities that are safe for daily application. Essential oils can be every bit as problematic as synthetic fragrances and must be used responsibly. They should NEVER be applied to skin undiluted. Each oil has a unique safety profile and many varieties should not be anywhere near your skin. 

Every recipe is painstakingly formulated and created in small batches in Seattle to bring you the purity and quality that is inherent in every sumptuous product at OOliva.