MAKEUP MELT - camellia & passion fruit

MAKEUP MELT - camellia & passion fruit

Our MAKEUP MELT is an ultra delicate blend that will remove even the toughest stuff from your face and eyes. It is free of harsh chemicals and will leave your skin feeling nourished and clean.

Why no essential oil? We adore essential oils and can't get enough of their skin loving qualities. We did, however, decide to leave them out when formulating our cleansing oil and makeup melt. So many folks suffer so many sensitivities and essential oils are potent and should be far away from delicate places like your eyes.

TIPS FOR USE: Add a few drops to a cotton pad and apply it to the face or eyelids that have makeup. Gently massage the skin until the makeup is removed. Rinse your face with warm water to remove any residual oil.

.5 oz | 15 ml ℮

Store in a cool dry area; away from direct sunlight.


♡ we never EVER test on animals
♡ vegan