LUXE BODY BUTTER - rose & cocoa

LUXE BODY BUTTER - rose & cocoa

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Our organic, fair trade COCOA BUTTER is a wonderfully fragrant rich butter pressed from the roasted seeds of the Cacao tree. This delicious butter joins coconut, olive and sunflower oils to sink into your skin and stimulate your senses. We know you are already enraptured (captivated? mesmerized? hypnotized? you’ll see when you try it…) but decided to go the extra mile and top it all off with ROSE absolute. This spicy rose is the perfect complement to the deep dark chocolatey goodness of cocoa butter and whispers hello once the intensity of the cocoa steps aside. Each of our LUXE BODY BUTTERS is a unique blend of the highest quality ingredients. Excellent texture and quick absorption are a priority in these formulations, which are designed to maximize hydration. 

TIPS FOR USE: Slather and enjoy! Excellent for dry skin. Because our products are free of fillers or preservatives, a little goes a LONG way! Start with a small amount and let your skin be your guide.

2 oz | 57 g ℮

Store in a cool dry area under 68°F; away from direct sunlight.


♡ we never EVER test on animals
♡ packaging made in the USA
♡ vegan