Gina Grey, founder. An exhibiting artist and photographer (, entrepreneur and alchemist. Gina combines her passion for the environment, love of science, and her creative practice in order to create eco-friendly products that soothe the skin using God’s good ingredients. The photographs, website, graphic and packaging design and most importantly the recipes are handmade in her studio. Her favorite OOliva product (when forced to choose) is the MASSAGE BAR because hubby Nick uses them to give her foot rubs!

Nicholas Grey, Creative Support. OOliva would not exist without the tireless assistance from hubby Nick. He is the only animal used to test products. He always finds time to endure constant does this feel - how is this color - do you like this label - do you mind if we do one more show this month? Also he carries ALL of the heavy stuff. Be still my heart! His favorite OOliva product is the magnesium oil SOAP.

Rosemary Hazel Rymarcsuk, Sales Rep for OOliva east and Baby Bear. Lover of horses and hippotherapy. Favorite movies are Hairspray and Mamma Mia. Favorite theatrical play is the Diary of Anne Frank. Favorite color purple. Loves taking her portuguese water dog mix to the dog park. Favorite fruits are pineapple and grapes. Makes monthly music cd's for Aglow International. Always excited to greet new faces and make new friends...Her favorite OOliva product is the lavender & sweet orange BATH BOMB.

Mary Grace LaRocca, Brand Ambassador and Momma Bear. Blessed mom to three wonderful kids. Retired fundraiser. Therapeutic horticulture enthusiast. Working daily on making forever memories with my special assignment and teacher, Rosemary. Grandma to beautiful Leah who made it to heaven first. Woman of Faith, Hope and Love....Her favorite OOliva product is the MAHOGANY lip & cheek rouge.