SOAP - blue agave

SOAP - blue agave

Our OLIVE OIL SOAP has a delicate lather and creamy nourishing finish that is perfect for even the most fragile skin. It is made with our biodynamic olive oil which we source from a farm that is over a century old. It is manually harvested and immediately carried to the family mill. It is pesticide and chemical free, and produced with no harm to the environment. Agave sap has been used for hundreds of years as a folk remedy. Traditionally the sap was gently boiled and fermented to produce a liquid called miel de agave or aguamiel. The agave nectar that you see on most shelves today is nothing like the sap once used. Our BLUE AGAVE SOAP is made with a true miel de agave which is made from the sap that collects when a stem is cut. 

Our soaps are packed with a variety of skin loving ingredients including oils, flowers, spices, teas, clays, milks and salts. Each is designed to cleanse and condition your skin without the addition of fragrance or harsh additives.

TIPS FOR USE: To extend the life of your soap use a sea sponge to build lather and  place in a draining dish when not in use.

4 oz | 113 g ℮

Store in a cool dry area; away from direct sunlight.

♡ we never EVER test on animals
♡ handmade in Seattle
♡ packaging made in the USA
♡ vegan